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We understand: the devastating effects of a cochlear implant failure can be overwhelming. Loss of hearing can adversely impact your relationships and career, cause developmental setbacks, and may lead to feelings of isolation and depression.

We’re here to help.

If you or a loved one suffered a cochlear implant failure, you are not alone. You can reach out to talented attorneys who not only focus on cochlear implant failures, but who, we believe, have successfully resolved more of these claims than any other attorneys in the country. The team brings nearly 60 years of experience to your side.

Trusted Cochlear Implant Lawyer

Attorney Scott Morgan has practiced law for more than 30 years. Since 2011, Scott has successfully pursued cochlear implant claims for clients across the U.S., including through litigation.

Experience counts: we believe that no other law firm has resolved more cochlear implant claims than Morgan Law Firm, Ltd. Call us for a free phone consultation today.

Advanced Bionics Cochlear

Implant Recall

Advanced Bionics sold defective cochlear implants that have caused injuries to people across the country. The company violated a basic principle of biomedical engineering: moisture is to be avoided in electronic devices implanted in the body.

Has your Advanced Bionics cochlear implant failed or is it failing? Has your doctor recommended that you have corrective surgery? The most common indicators of cochlear implant failure are:

Deterioration in hearing performance

Lower impedances

Device fails to meet specifications

A History of Problems with Advanced Bionics Cochlear Implants

Advanced Bionics has a long history of failed implants and cochlear implant recalls.

As far back as 2001, the FDA found deficiencies in the company’s supplemental reports relating to previous generations of cochlear implants and in 2004, Advanced Bionics initiated a recall caused by the potential presence of moisture in their product’s internal circuitry.

After multiple inspections and FDA-issued warning letters throughout the years, Advanced Bionics recalled its HiRes Ultra and HiRes Ultra 3d implants in February, 2020—even though we believe the company was aware of problems with the implants long before the recall. The company knowingly endangered thousands of lives.

This is unacceptable.

A global corporation like Advanced Bionics must be held accountable for failing to protect unsuspecting customers and their families. That’s why we do what we do.

Let Us Help You Make a Claim
At No Cost to You

If you or your family member had a cochlear implant that is failing or has already failed, let’s talk—for free. Our firm receives a fee ONLY if there is a recovery on your behalf.

We will talk through the best, most effective options for your unique situation at no cost to you, beginning with a free phone consultation.

Don’t wait to get in touch: statutes of limitations limit the time available for you to pursue a claim. That means if you wait too long, the claim will be barred forever.

The amount of compensation you may claim depends on many factors, including the following:

• Past and future pain and suffering (including hearing loss, complications from surgery, tinnitus, and vestibular balance disorder, among others)

• Emotional damages

• Past and future expenses including for medical treatment and travel, among others

• Past and future lost incomeLoss of normal life

• Punitive damages


"I would like to thank Scott and his team for all of their hard work, professionalism, and compassion during a very tough season during which my cochlear implant was progressively failing. Scott’s team handled all aspects of the case and provided frequent updates as things progressed. I knew that my best interest was in mind and was represented by someone who cared. The entire process was stress free and we’ll managed."
"Scott, and his firm, were amazing in being so responsive and on top of every single step, including involving me in all the stages of the case. He is always friendly and ready to answer all of my questions. Every time I called him, or emailed, he responded personally. I felt valued as a client. Scott also checked on and cared about my well-being which I did not expect. I had never hired an attorney before, so I was reluctant, but this firm is one I would recommend and I will, personally, keep him in mind with any further endeavors. I would also recommend him to my friends and family where applicable. Your attention to my case has allowed me to focus on what's important to me, healing and recovery. Thank you so much Scott!"
"I would highly recommend Scott Morgan for your legal advice and representation. I had a Medical Device surgically implanted in 2017. That device became defective and had to be surgically removed and replaced with a new device in 2020. Each surgical procedure took about 2 to 3 hours with a 1 to 2 week recovery time. Scott, and his team, told me upfront exactly what was going to happen and when it was going to happen and then followed through with what they had told me. I feel Scott and his team are very knowledgeable and Professional to work with."
"I was beyond impressed with Scott's professionalism, passion, and dedication with assisting me through my legal claims. Scott is extremely confident and takes pride in his work. He has kept me informed through each aspect of my case and was extremely responsive to all my inquiries. It was an absolute pleasure working with Scott and I would highly recommend him."
Mike N.
"We are so thankful that we contacted Scott and his team to help us to pursue legal action for my cochlear implant injury. From the time we contacted Scott to the day he contacted us to let us know we had a settlement; he constantly answered our questions and made the process very simple for us to understand from the beginning to the end. I would highly recommend using Scott for any type of litigation that you are considering when pursuing compensation for wrongful injuries. We are so grateful for Scott and his team, it always felt as if he was going to bat for us and had our best interest in mind!"
Mark W.

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